Raytech Tinting has designed a special warranty card system to make sure our customer purchased a genuine Raytech product. The warranty card may only be issued by Raytech principle and then, distributed to all Raytech dealers. Inside the warranty card, there are two (2) empty boxes for two (2) product label stickers, one for the front windscreen and the second is for the rest of the windows. Each product label sticker is unique as they are secured with holographic design, barcode and product model.

Do you know?

Raytech Warranty Card and the Product label stickers are both controlled items that comes along with the product.
Once installation is done, a Raytech Authorized Licensed Dealer will paste the product label stickers onto the warranty card. The warranty card is only valid when the product label stickers are present in the warranty card. Consumers have to make sure the product label stickers are present in the warranty card and the name of the product on the stickers are similar to the product purchased. If there are no product labels stickers, please email or contact us at:-

Email : wecare@raytechfilms.com; wecare@raytech.com.my