1. Do you support training towards professional qualifications?
Yes, particularly where it is part of your broader career development.

2. How do you go about selecting people?
Initial selection is via an application form or CV. On the basis of your application, you may be invited to attend a series of interviews and/or assessment days. These will be conducted by a mixture of recruitment specialists and trained managers from the business area you’re applying to.

3. What qualifications do I need to work for Raytech Group?
We are always interested in outstanding candidates who can contribute to our growth and success. Our requirements vary by position and location. CVs should be sent to the person responsible for recruitment in Raytech Group.
We will keep your CV on file and contact you should we have a position matching your qualifications.

4. Can I choose where I’ll be based?
When a job is based in more than one location (e.g. Sales Representative or applicator), you can state a preference, which we will try to accommodate. However, this will always be subject to where we have vacancies at the time and the operational needs of the business.

5. How useful are language skills?
Language skills are always an asset, particularly in areas involving direct contact with our customers. However, English is the standard company language.

6. What opportunities are there for career progression?
The sheer size and diversity of our business means the opportunities for career progression are excellent. Whatever you want to do, whichever direction you want your career to take, there’s an extremely good chance you will be able to do it here.

7. How would my performance be appraised?
Your progress will be monitored both informally, in discussions with your supervisor, and through an annual performance review. This is an opportunity for you to set clear goals for the forthcoming year and identify the skills and support you will need to achieve them. In most of our businesses, we have introduced an element of company performance related pay.